A week in the life of a 4th year

On the summit of Borah Peak, the highest point in Idaho

Jared Bozeman, MD


Clinical Rotations

  • Monday: VA continuity clinic
  • Tuesday: Saint Alphonsus sleep clinic and chief time in afternoon
  • Wednesday: Chief time in morning and MHICM in afternoon
  • Thursday: Didactics day
  • Friday: FMRI continuity clinic

Why Boise?

The most important part of choosing a residency program is the quality of the education. For me, the Boise program has been a perfect combination of community and rural focus with a solid academic foundation from University of Washington. Residency is always busy and sometimes stressful, so it is important to have outlets and ways to decompress. Boise is great due to its proximity to nature (I love to be in the mountains running, hiking, or skiing) and fun downtown. Additionally, the kindness and responsiveness of the faculty and staff to issues continue to impress me.


Morning: Get outside! Go for a run, hit the ski slopes, or the hiking trails.

Afternoon: We often socialize on Sunday with a game night or casual dinner.

Evening: My girlfriend and I often cook a fancy dinner and prepare for the week.


Morning: VA continuity clinic.

Afternoon: Caseload supervision.

Evenings: Go for a run then relax. Maybe read an article or just watch Netflix.


Morning: Sleep elective at Saint Alphonsus to learn more about sleep apnea and CPAP machines.

Afternoon: Chief Time including meeting with the administration and time to work on residency projects.

Evening: Hit the gym and maybe meet up for pub trivia


Morning: Chief time to respond to emails, work on projects, or collaborate with administration

Afternoon: MHICM (Mental Health Intensive Case Management) elective, working with Boise’s homeless veterans. Includes interdisciplinary meetings and outreach directly to vets.

Evenings: After a run, make a nice dinner with girlfriend.


Morning: Didactics day! Hit the YMCA (we get free memberships as residents!) on the way in. We start with an hour of group therapy intended to explore group dynamics. Next, we have a topic of the day ranging from psychopharmacology to discussion of forensic psychiatry.

Afternoon: After lunch provided by the program, we have 2 hours dedicated to psychotherapy. We get done at 3:30 with plenty of time for psychotherapy supervision or personal

Evening: Often hangout with other residents downtown or relax at home.


Morning: Continuity clinic at FMRI (Family Medicine Residency of Idaho). FMRI serves low income, uninsured, and refugees.

Afternoon: Supervision in afternoon and finish notes.

Evening: We often meet as a group for happy hour or dinner after work. I’ve also left town on several Friday nights for camping trips or other out of town adventures!


Morning: Get outside or sleep in!

Afternoon: Boise is a great place for fun weekend trips to places like McCall or Stanley.  And there are also plenty of fun things for a day trip especially Bogus Basin for skiing, the Foothills for running or mountain biking, and floating the Boise river.  There are also lots of fun museums and events to go to.

Evening: If in town, I often get dinner downtown or go to one of our frequent residency social events (game night, barbecues, or just hangout). If in the mountains, make sure I take a few minutes to look at stars.

Career Goals:

I plan to practice in adult outpatient psychiatry, somewhere in the Northern Rockies. I particularly enjoy collaborative care, a major strength of this program and would love to work in close proximity with primary care providers. I also want to continue to work on with the underserved.