Graduation Requirements

University of Washington Idaho Advanced Clinician Track: Graduation Requirements

ACGME Graduation Requirements:

  • Step 3 / Comlex Exam
  • 3 Clinical Skills Verifications (CSV)
    *blank forms provided
  • Log summaries (submitted each quarter)
    *blank forms and example provided
  • Scholarly Project / Grand Rounds Presentation
    *guideline and planning documents provided
  • Interdisciplinary Outpatient Experience (18 meetings or 6 months)
    *meeting and didactic schedule provided
  • Quality Improvement Project
    *guideline and evaluation form provided
  • Psychotherapy Competency Forms
  • *Didactic Attendance

Program Specific Requirements:

  • VA Interdisciplinary Case Conference Presentation
    *guideline provided
  •  Journal Club Participation
    *guideline provided
  • Psychotherapy Experience or Countertransference Focused Psychotherapy (6 months)
    *attestation form provided
  • Patient Transition/Handoff
    *sign out protocol provided